Europe’s No.1 Fitness Brand

1. Flex System

Combine with built-in elastomers, 2 core chusion balls and RC exclusive chusion web, the Flex System, assure a better impact absorption and provide a perfect match for an intensive training. Integrated with Smart konik 3 layers design, definitely offer the runners the most comfortable workout.

2. SmartKonik

Smart Konik 3 layers design could stabilize the running board to reduce the efficiently prevent injury.

A. 1st layer -MDF Frame- thickness increases, sipport upgrades

B. 2nd layer-Interval layer - with cushion, scatter the shock.

C. 3rd layer-Running board base- stabilize the base and fortify the loading.

Spesification :

Motor                                        3.75 HPP

Speed                                       1-20 km/h

Incline                                       15 Levels

Dimension (L x W x H)             193 x 93 x 151 cm

Vertical folded                          123 x 93 x 159 cm

Weight                                      100 kg

Running belt (LxW)                 145 x 50 cm

Monitor                                      8' LCD

Data Readout                           Time, speed, distance, calories pulse, incline and programs

Programs                                 14 pre-set programs, 1 manual, 1 user profile, 1HRC, 1 Bodyfat test and Eco mode.

Instant speed keys                   2/4/6/8/10/14/16 km/h

Instant incline key                     2/4/6/8/10/12/15 levels

Others                                      Dualkit optional/ Fan/Mp3 and Dual stereo speaker compatible/ transportation wheels/ bottle holders/

                                                 device holder