Reebok Deck can be adjusted to two height positions, 20 and 35 cm to take your pick from. With the Deck in its bench mode, strength training can be performed with either the resistance tubes or with added barbells and dumbbells. This piece of exercise equipment is the central point for whole variety of workouts, so you can work out your way. More specifically, the Deck has 16 possible configurations in total, with Reebok Training Experts suggesting over 400 exercises that can be performed on the Deck. It can easily transform from a cardio platform, to a strength training platform. Strong and portable, support struts for the back rest are metal coated in hardwearing plastic to give you a secure and safe platform. The width of the back rest is specifically moulded to ensure you can perform a full and productive range of motion through the shoulder joints. The Reebok Deck lets you work every muscle of the body within just a short 10 minute workout.